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What is the Diabetes?

Diabetes is a lifelong, chronic disease that occurs as a result of the pancreas not producing enough insulin or the body's inability to use the insulin it produces effectively.

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What is the Diabetes?Why do people get diabetes?

Diabetes is a lifelong, chronic disease that occurs as a result of the pancreas not producing enough insulin or the body's inability to use the insulin it produces effectively. Diabetes is actually a metabolic disease in which blood sugar is high. Fasting blood glucose measured in the morning in a healthy person is below 100 mg/dl. When carbohydrate metabolism begins to deteriorate, fasting blood sugar tends to rise above 100 mg/dl. Those with a family history of diabetes are at higher risk of developing the disease.
Lack of insulin production

This is primarily the cause of type 1 diabetes. It occurs when insulin-producing cells are damaged or destroyed and stop producing insulin. Insulin is needed to move blood sugar into cells throughout the body. The resulting insulin deficiency leaves too much sugar in the blood and not enough in the cells for energy.

Insulin resistance

This is specific to type 2 diabetes. It occurs when insulin is produced normally in the pancreas, but the body is still unable move glucose into the cells for fuel. At first, the pancreas will create more insulin to overcome the body’s resistance. Eventually the cells “wear out.” At that point the body slows insulin production, leaving too much glucose in the blood. This is known as prediabetes.

Genes and family history

Genetics plays a role in determining how likely you are to develop some type of diabetes. Researchers don’t fully understand the role of genetics in the development of diabetes. According to Researchers, statistics show that if you have a parent or sibling with diabetes, your odds of developing it yourself increase.


According to the Mayo Clinic, your risk of developing type 2 diabetes increases as you age. Your risk goes up after age 45 in particular. However, the incidence of type 2 diabetes is increasing dramatically among children, adolescents, and younger adults. Likely factors include reduced exercise, decreased muscle mass, and weight gain as you age.

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Sharkan Diabetics

Sharkan Börek is a Turkish brand that embraces all ages. We know that there are many people in Turkey who are keen on cuisine and are eager to try new things. However, they have not yet been fully acquainted with the richness of our country in terms of taste. For this reason, we fit all the local flavors in our country and the flavors from the other side of the world into the egg. We offer it to you in a way that contains the unique flavors of Anatolia and the World, fresh and hot until the last sip.

You are actually familiar with every material you will see in our products. You just haven't seen it in any meat until now. Our aim is to serve the unique Börek that our customers ate when they were kids. Every product you will taste will definitely lead you to naive feelings from the past. Even if you are longing for your country, we are sure that we will come to you very well. Because we definitely have a product that belongs to your region. Yes, we are too assertive, this is because we are made up of completely natural and local flavors.

We are sure that we will fascinate you not only with our products, but also with our concept. Rather than being a conventional steakhouse, we have eliminated the 'old cultural meat restaurant culture' logic with our concept. Because we don't want you to eat and get up. We almost blended our cheerful and appetizing products with our concept. You will definitely feel this aura in the first second.
Daily Foods...

We are believing that traditional foods is the most delicious food when they made great. For this reason, we are using daily vegatables and meats that we are using, are coming daily and organic foods. All things are coming from local organic stores.

Our Mision...

We prepare and serve high quality, simple food, at a great value, in a home-like environment.To change the way people eat, inspiring a shift within the restaurant industry and beyond. Our mission is to WOW people every day!

Our Goal...

Our Goal is to serve happiness to our customers through delicious, quality meals and extraordinary restaurant experience while working toward the greater good for our employees, community and environment.

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